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Your Website Compatible with All Screen Sizes and Types


Latest Technologies (eg HTML5 & CSS3) Provide Flexibility For Your Design

Eye Catching Sites

Whatever your requirement may be, whether it be a site aimed at promoting your business, an event, your band, your shop or family site, MJ Web Services will make it an eye catching site.


MJ Web Services can host your site and can help with domains (web site name) if you don't have one. Additionally, if you already have a web site but want to change the hosting, we can arrange that for you.

Ease of Maintenance

Once your site is live, at times you will want to make changes or updates. Depending on the frequency of updates, this can be done on an ad hoc basis or under an agreed maintenance contract.

Search Engine Optimisation

At MJ Web Services we strive to provide quality web sites and that includes making sure that your web site performs well so that your potential clients do not have to wait for your site to load. Addititionally, MJ Web Services creates your web site with consideration taken into what search engines expect to ensure your site returns favourable search results.

Statistics and Viewers

Once your site is live you may be curious to find out the sort of traffic your website is receiving which can determine how your web site is performing. MJ Web Services can provide statistics (received by Google analytics) to determine your visitor's activity.

Full Consultancy

MJ Web Services provides full consultancy which includes; design meetings and idea gathering; pre go-live review; post go-live consultancy period where alterations/additions can be made. Depending on the distance involved, the meetings can be on-site or via skype.

Business Objects

As well as providing high quality websites, MJ Web Services can also offer web driven applications which can connect to a SQL (Structured Query Language) database to store that all important data that you rely on to run aspects of your business. Over the years, MJ Web Services has realised that some small businesses use multiple applications to help keep their businesses running (even to the extent that for example, goods in is a separate application to goods out). This can be very innefficient. MJ Web Services can consolidate data into one application where ALL your business data can be updated and reported on.


MJ Web Services welcomes your phone call or email enquiry whether it be to discuss requirements for your website and any general enquiry or questions you may have. To get in touch with us please find our contact details HERE.


Browser Compatability

With the wide range of browsers used these days, MJ Web Services ensures that your website looks good on all these browsers from day 1.


Using the Latest Technology

MJ Web Services uses the latest technology (for example, HTML5 and CSS3) to ensure that your website design is fully flexible and adaptable and can include nice graphics effects and other elements which when put together make your website looks great and has the desired impact.


Compatability With all Modern Screen Types

To ensure that your website looks good on all of todays various screen types and sizes, MJ Web Services uses a responsive layout which detects the different sizes. Your website will look great on all of the different options.